Structural Engineering

At AEI, our structural engineer Tulsa experts provide the most comprehensive home inspections for buyers and homeowners. By uniquely combining these inspections with licensed structural engineering services, we set the benchmark for structural engineering Tulsa wide.

As a recognized structural engineering firm in Tulsa, OK, AEI has a wide range of experience across both residential and commercial sectors. Our firm has earned a reputation for providing a multitude of high-quality structural engineering services to our diverse client base.

Our structural engineer in Tulsa OK team has established a strong reputation for design excellence and technical accuracy in each of our projects. Our diverse structural design experience includes residential and commercial properties, along with those of large corporations. We’re well-versed in the design of various building foundation systems, including foundations for expansive soils.

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Structural Engineering Services

  • Structure Evaluations
  • Foundation Inspections
  • Expansive Soil Conditions/Structural Movement
  • Drain System Evaluation And Design
  • Floor Levelness Survey
  • Structural Forensics Investigations
  • Structural Modifications Inspections
  • Structural Evaluations For Permits
  • Design Assessment / Verification / Evaluation
  • Steel Structure Examination, Evaluation and Verification

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AEI specializes in building design, including commercial, institutional, multifamily residential, nationwide retailers, and industrial structures. Contact the AEI team today!

We Are Structural Engineering Experts

Our structural engineers collaborate with architects, contractors, and owners to design solutions for projects of all types, sizes, and levels of complexity.

AEI is able to fully detail all projects to allow proper understanding and construction in the field, which is critical to the success of a project and good team relations. We provide periodic site observations documented with a written report and complimented with photos.

Forensic Engineering & Investigation

AEI provides technical support services to building and insurance professions to help them avoid, respond to and manage building system failures. Our experience spans virtually the entire range of building projects: from university and educational facilities to institutional, municipal and other public buildings as well as commercial, industrial and residential projects.

AEI staff have been retained in construction-related cases to provide a broad range of forensic services. Founded by Chad Ebady-Nezami, P.E., alongside his partner Kenneth Biggs, P.E., the company provides fair-minded investigation and analysis based on sound engineering principles.

Added to this experience is a mindset open to whatever conditions are found on-site– good, bad or indifferent. In no case are snap judgments made. Rather, the investigator carefully analyzes the field data and reports the facts to the designated expert. That gives you a credible analysis of the data based on the experience of years in the construction field.

We look forward to discussing your technical support needs. For more information about the company or should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (918) 251-6910.

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